Week #1 (22) - Lachie

So, what will I write on this page? Maybe a spooky story or a fantasy story or an adventure story or… Wait! I think I might write a prequel story. Like a tiny little boy in his class room, or a boy testing gravitation... No, no, no that would not work. What about a boy that can fly like a bird and write about what he sees? He could see an elephant at a circus with performers and acrobats and maybe monkeys in a cage. Or... I could not write anything at all, which is a super good idea. Yes!


  1. I really like the way you have made your story in to a series of questions, Lachie. There are so many possibilities with a prompt like the one you have this week and you show how you have been thinking about this. The story reads very well, just like you are talking to me. I like the ending too – yes, you can write about anything – how true!


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