Week #43 - Tineke

Then it began…The lights turned on and I heard the audience cheering and chanting my name. I was frightened but I did not show my fear. I walked onto the stage with confidence not letting anything stop me from being brave. That night I performed the best performance ever. It had clear and beautiful moves with a voice that echoed through the town like a soft and delicate flute. My life had changed from that day on,  I became a famous actor and performed in lots of famous shows. So my words  are be strong and brave be you.


  1. Tineke, I can just visualise you confidently walking onto that stage, head high, shoulders back and bravely facing the audience. The simile indicates how calm you were and the whole piece could be a metaphor for the way we have lifted ourselves out of lockdown and bravely moved on.
    This is showcase writing that makes me smile.
    Thanks for sharing this week,
    Jackie (Team 100WC)
    New Plymouth


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