Week #43 - Venus

Then it began. I turned the front page of the book, I started reading. The book swept me into its wonderful story. I felt as if I were really in the book. It painted a picture in my mind. The story starts at a house, goes into a forest, walks into a candy house and ends at the start. I dived into the next story. Minutes later I'm in the middle of the tale. A strong blast of icy wind interrupts me from my story. For a second I am transported to the real world. Sigh. I lost my page.


  1. I really felt your love for reading and stories, Venus. You certainly know how to get lost in a book. I like the way you talk about it painting a picture in your mind. That is so true of a good story! ‘A strong blast of icy wind’ is another excellent description. I could feel your frustration too, when you lost your place. That is just so annoying!


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