Friday, 17 April 2020

Week #29 - Gian

It was Christmas Eve and my Dad said he wanted to have a new car for Christmas. We said it was impossible for Santa to give us that. Well, he still wrote it down on his gift list! He said he wanted a grey car with five seats. Later that night we heard a loud BANG on our roof. We checked it out but there was nothing. The next morning it was Christmas. After receiving our gifts my brother and I went outside to play on our scooters, and that’s when we saw it - a grey car, IN OUR ROOF!!


  1. Great story Gian. What a great idea and you follow it through so well. You contrast the strangeness of Dad’s request and the bang on the roof, with the normality of receiving the gifts on Christmas morning. And then there is the surprise in the last sentence. Very well written indeed.

    1. Comment was from Janet Team 100WC Sorry, I must have sent it before I added my name!