Week #31 - Venice

Legends say that if you go to the haunted meadows at midnight, there will be some sort of thick fog that turns you into dust! About  twenty years ago, a famous explorer decided to do a livestream about him going there. The thick, ghostly fog swirled around his feet as he walked along the meadow. Suddenly there was a blood-curdling cry as the camera fell to the ground. Two days ago, my cousin went there. Like every other person who stepped foot there, she transformed into pieces of dust. And me? I’m the girl watching on that spooky, bare tree. 


  1. Kia ora from just near Rangiora Venice.
    I do like this piece of writing, because at the end you just sound so very satisfied with yourself because you know what can happen at that place by the tree. I think that the way you began this story is very clever because people like to know about legends. A good effort.
    Come along and have a look at our Ashley School blog - https://rakau19.edublogs.org/
    Ms M Team #100WC

  2. Hi Venice,
    I really enjoyed your story this week. You have done a great job with the prompt this week. You have used fantatic vocabulary and held my interest throughout your story. Great work this week.
    Ms Brennock
    Team 100 w/c


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